Guthrie Junior High cafeteria floods after pipe bursts

This morning during a routine building check by Guthrie Public Schools Operations Staff, a major leak was found in the fire suppression system at Guthrie Junior High School.

The cause of the leak is believed to be the prolonged extreme cold weather we have been experiencing.

The water was confined to a portion of the cafeteria as well as the space where the original boiler is located. The rooms contained over three feet of standing water when discovered. GPS staff, contractors and others assisted today with the start of the cleanup process.

“First, I want to thank our Operations Division for their tireless work during this very challenging time,” Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson said.

“We have been chasing frozen pipes across the district and they are the ones out front to keep our buildings running in conditions they were never designed to sustain,” Simpson said. “We have a plan to mitigate the situation in this space and have things up and running by Monday. We have been in contact with our insurance carrier and they are working with us as we expedite the authorization of contractors who specialize in situations such as this.”

Additional contractors are expected to be on site tomorrow and throughout the weekend as the cleanup continues.


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