Guthrie residents to vote on Oklahoma Natural Gas franchise agreement Jan. 9

Guthrie residents will head to the polls on Jan. 9 to approve a franchise agreement between Oklahoma Natural Gas and the City.

The Guthrie City Council unanimously approved the Oklahoma Natural Gas franchise ordinance and resolution calling for the election. Voting for the franchise will not increase customer bills.

“This franchise outlines how Oklahoma Natural Gas and the City of Guthrie will work together to continue our longstanding partnership,” said Martie Oyler, senior economic development partner at Oklahoma Natural Gas. “Residents will continue to benefit from reliable natural gas service as they have for over 100 years. Because most of our infrastructure is underground, we have a 99% reliability rate, keeping customers warm in the coldest of temperatures.”

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A franchise agreement details the rights and responsibilities between the city and Oklahoma Natural Gas for the next 25 years. The franchise allows Oklahoma Natural Gas to work within the city’s public ways to place, maintain and operate a natural gas system. This allows Oklahoma Natural Gas to work with the city on growth and economic development projects to help the city thrive well into the future.

The revenue collected from the franchise goes 100% back to the city to help Guthrie with improvements for residents. Currently, these funds are collected as a “Gross Receipts Tax,” and a yes vote will simply change the line item on a customer’s bill to “Franchise Fee.” There will be no change in the amount for customers.

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