Logan County filings November 25, 2020

Following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County for November 25, 2020.

Family and Domestic (FD)

FD-2020-188In re the Marriage of: McCoy, Cameron Cody and Mccoy, Afton M

Marriage license (ML)

ML-2020-222In Re the marriage of Parish Lawrence Pierce and Kaione Julisa Allen
ML-2020-223In Re the marriage of Robert William Estes and Alphonso Stephen Prudhomme
ML-2020-224In Re the marriage of Chance Ryan Alley and Schyler Rachelle Keating

Traffic (TR)

TR-2020-651State of Oklahoma v. Lewis, Kristian Regine
TR-2020-652State of Oklahoma v. Russell, Larry Bedford II
TR-2020-653State of Oklahoma v. Largent, Madison
TR-2020-654State of Oklahoma v. Lovett, Faith Mariah
TR-2020-655State of Oklahoma v. Largent, Madison
TR-2020-656State of Oklahoma v. Barnett, Kayla Michelle
TR-2020-657State of Oklahoma v. Dahm, Bryce Brandon Ray
TR-2020-658State of Oklahoma v. Telken, Angela Marilyn
TR-2020-659State of Oklahoma v. Tapp, Ciara Elizabeth
TR-2020-660State of Oklahoma v. Taylor, Antonio Herandez
TR-2020-661State of Oklahoma v. Skaggs, Dakota W
TR-2020-662State of Oklahoma v. Sigler, Chad
TR-2020-663State of Oklahoma v. Martin, Terry
TR-2020-664State of Oklahoma v. Adams, Lawrence Pete III
TR-2020-665State of Oklahoma v. Pross, Kimberly Ann
TR-2020-666State of Oklahoma v. Holder, Stephen Quinn
TR-2020-667State of Oklahoma v. Prakriya, Divya Annapurna
TR-2020-668State of Oklahoma v. Wilson, Montrell Dashaun
TR-2020-669State of Oklahoma v. Frazee, Garrett Dale
TR-2020-670State of Oklahoma v. Espinoza, Ignacio
TR-2020-671State of Oklahoma v. Johns, Robert Charles
TR-2020-672State of Oklahoma v. Yarbough, Wesley Tyrone Anthony
TR-2020-673State of Oklahoma v. Meyer, Jasmine
TR-2020-674State of Oklahoma v. Shaffer, Daniel Jesse
TR-2020-675State of Oklahoma v. Hasbrouck, Patrick
TR-2020-676State of Oklahoma v. Tyner, Robert
TR-2020-677State of Oklahoma v. Ortega, Jose
TR-2020-678State of Oklahoma v. Perez, Brittany


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