New app for Oklahoma vehicle renewals

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahomans who need to renew registrations for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and other vehicles can now take care of business wherever they are through the Gov2Go mobile app.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission is an early adopter of Gov2Go, a service created by NIC to provide government services via a simple, secure mobile application.

“Gov2Go is like a personal assistant who gathers and presents all the information Oklahomans need to pay for government services without a lot of hassle or visiting multiple locations,” said Bret Warren, president and general manager of Oklahoma Interactive, an NIC company. “People are used to paying bills through an app, and they get frustrated when they can’t do it for routine government actions. Gov2Go provides quick and secure transactions.”

Based on details users share, Gov2Go builds personalized timelines for registrations, licenses and other activities. The app sends push notifications so users never miss a deadline.

In addition to vehicle registration renewals, Gov2Go provides Oklahoma Amber alerts, election and voter information, and more.

“Gov. Kevin Stitt has committed to making Oklahoma a top 10 state,” Warren said. “Gov2Go modernizes state operations and helps make government more efficient.”

Over 1.5 million people in the U.S. use Gov2Go. Citizens receive notices of upcoming deadlines, make payments, track their own actions and have information in one place.

The Gov2Go app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for iOS and Android devices.

“We look forward to adding more government services to make Gov2Go even more powerful and convenient for every Oklahoman,” Warren said.


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