Piearcy, Sharpton win commissioner elections; runoff for HD 31

Monty Piearcy (left) and Mark Sharpton (right) won their election on Tuesday night.

Logan County voters elected a new county commissioner as well as an incumbent Tuesday in the Primary Election. At the same, neither of the three candidates for State House District 31 received a majority of the votes and will need a runoff election to decide the seat.

District 3 Logan County Commissioner Monty Piearcy, who has served in that role since 2005, had a convincing win by collecting 77.95% of the vote over John Myers. Piearcy finished with 1,591 votes compared to Myers’ 450 votes.

In the same race back in 2018, Piearcy collected 69.10 percent of the vote (1,458 to 652) over Myers.

In a much closer race, Mark Sharpton was elected for the fourth time to serve as the District 1 County Commissioner after losing the two previous elections to incumbent Marven Goodman.

Sharpton hauled in 1,335 votes (54.18%) compared to 1,129 for Goodman.

“I appreciate all of the citizens that supported me,” Sharpton said in a message to Guthrie News Page. “I never want to disappoint them. I have a lot of work to do to show the citizens that did not vote for me that I will serve all citizens.”

Sharpton said he looks forward to returning road maintenance “to all of District 1 roads in a short period of time, regardless of location, political party, or political voting power. Returning District 1 to the State and regional road and bridge funding will take a little more time, but it is coming.”

Sharpton continued, “I look forward to serving the people again and humbled at the amount of support and faith the people have put in me. Returning to the basics will be the first step. Answering the phone, listening to D1 constituent’s needs, and doing all we can to implement a successful administration. I want (to) thank all that supported me and earn the support of those that haven’t supported me yet. I will do all I can to earn and keep the trust and expectations to all of D1 citizens.”

Piearcy and Sharpton will be sworn into office on Jan. 2, 2023.

In the House District 31 race, Collin Duel walked with the most votes in the race with Karmin Grider and Logan Trainer, but it was not enough to win the seat that is being vacated from Garry Mize, who did not seek re-election.

Duel brought in 2,208 votes, or 44.22%, with Grider coming in with 1,737 votes (34.79) and Trainer with 1,048 (20.99%).

With neither candidate collecting 50% of the vote, Duel and Grider will have a runoff election on Aug. 23 for the seat.


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