Time and Money

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“Time and Money” is a refrain we often hear. They are also the components on which the county operates.
It seems there is never enough time to accomplish all of the projects which need to be completed. However, we do our best to respond to “Work Orders,” phone calls, emergency situations and grant deadlines.

We also stretch our limited funds to the maximum so that the most roads and the most people benefit. And here is where I would like to thank all of the people and companies who have donated funds to the county so that money is less of a constraint.

The Oklahoma legislature understood the benefit of the private sector partnering with government entities when they passed Title 60 of Oklahoma Statutes, Chapter 9, Section 390. It reads in part, “The board of county commissioners of each county of the state…is hereby authorized in its discretion to accept, upon behalf of such county…any gift, testamentary or otherwise, whether unconditional or conditional, of any property, whether real or personal or both, to such county,….”

There have been road projects we wanted to accomplish which had to be placed on a waiting list due to lack of funding. That is, until some generous individual or company, hearing of the need, donated funds to speed up the project. Gravel, shale and tinhorns have all been purchased this way for county roads and right-of-way. One building contractor offered to provide asphalt to pave ¼ mile of roadway.

To all of these who help expedite county improvements, “thank you” on
behalf of the county.


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