Guthrie and Liberty lakes are below normal

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With temperatures being 10-12 degrees above normal and below average rainfall in June, it would be expected the two Guthrie lakes levels would be down and indeed they are.

Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller said in his weekly update that Guthrie Lake is down 2.2 feet and Liberty Lake is down 5.2 feet.

We are currently pulling 50% of our raw water from Liberty Lake and 50% from the Cottonwood Creek,” Mueller said.

Mueller further explained the water quality that has been coming out of the plant has been excellent with the exception of one day.

“We had a couple of calls on Tuesday evening/Wednesday regarding the same concerns with the taste and color in certain areas of town, but that was a temporary problem that was a result of a big line break which stirred up the lines, but it had nothing to do with the plant,” Mueller explained.

The City is seeing an average daily flow of 1.49 million gallons and a peak flow of 1.63 million gallons per day, the seven-day average at the Langston Meter is 73,000 per day.


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