FBI agent: no merit for investigation into Guthrie Police

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations have concluded an investigation into the Guthrie Police Department is not warranted.

Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller and Police Chief Damon Devereaux met with OSBI’s Steve Neumen after a civil suit was filed against the department claiming allegations toward the Guthrie PD, including racial profiling, harassment, abuse of police powers and conspiracy.

Devereaux sent the letter to FBI Special Agent in Charge James Finch requesting an investigation into the police department’s activities. Related story: Guthrie Police request FBI to investigate department

Since the letter of request, two more claims against the police department have surfaced.

Finch met with Mueller and Devereaux on Tuesday afternoon informing them of his decision.

“Mr. Finch informed us that he had reviewed the lawsuits and had spoken with some of his peers and members of the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” Mueller said. “He informed us that after looking at the issue, he didn’t feel that there is anything that merits an investigation.”

Finch was contacted by members of the community and personally reached out to Councilperson Patty Hazlewood due to her involvement in the case. Related story: Council member walks out of executive session

Fazal Khan, owner and operator of the Halftime Bar and Grill filed a lawsuit on May 8 for a junction in Logan County and intend to prosecute civil tort claims against the city and officers.

Kahn claims the city and their police officers have harmed his business and reputation by harassment, stalking, unlawful use of police force, presence to scare clientele and customers, false and malicious prosecution, intentionally taking from the bar the person hired to card people at the door and general defamation. Related story: Local bar owner files suit against City of Guthrie

A second civil suit was filed on May 22 against the city and department. In the suit a man claims his constitutional rights were violated when he was wrongfully and unlawfully arrested in June 2011. Related story: Man files civil case; claims unlawful arrest

A third claim was released last week when two families came forward with a tort claim against the city and department following an incident involving a police officer, two boys and a toy gun last April. They are in the process of filing a civil lawsuit. Related story: Two families file claim against city and police department


4 Comments on "FBI agent: no merit for investigation into Guthrie Police"

  1. Diana Dewart | June 1, 2012 at 3:44 pm | Reply

    Went to Halftime for a burger and watched Thunder game on Thursday. With all those big screen TVs, Burgers, Southwest Egg Rolls, etc, Halftime is a great place to watch the Thunder on Saturday night too.

  2. I will pray | June 3, 2012 at 2:07 pm | Reply

    All the lawsuits against the Guthrie Police, and nothing is wrong? There is something wrong.

  3. You should pray that Fazal can pay back the bank and don’t end up like Dewarts. Can’t wait for the sheriffs sale!

  4. Checked with the court clerk to make sure halftime’s dues r paid which they r. Do u know when the sheriff sale is? I am interested in buying halftime. Need more info.

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