Guthrie set to receive more beauty, library director

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The City of Guthrie’s City Council held their regular scheduled meeting Tuesday evening and passed all items in front of them with unanimous votes.

Council person Patty Hazelwood was not present due to an illness.

Photo by: Lisha Newman/ Travel OK

Mayor Chuck Burtcher and the council recognized the third graduating class of the Guthrie Citizens Government Academy. Each member was recognized with a certificate and a photo for completing the eight-week course.

The Citizens Government Academy was initiated by the council and City staff to strengthen the relationship between citizens and local government. Citizens acquired a better understanding of the city’s government and services, as well as intergovernmental relationships.

Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller announced the city has selected a new Guthrie Library Director, and will be announced at a later date. This past September, Linda Gens, former director, was offered and accepted a similar position in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Mueller presented the Guthrie Gateway Beautification Plan to the council and was approved. The Beautification Plan has been developed to further Guthrie’s goal of enhancing key gateway entries into the City of Guthrie and to identify public facilities and recreational areas.

The gateway of Highway 35 near the south Guthrie exit will receive signs representing Guthrie as well as landscape tree’s similar to the gateway of Highway’s 33 and 35. The city was awarded grants from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to plant trees at the two entrances to the city.

“The purpose of having a defined beautification plan is identify and enhance key gateway entries into the City of Guthrie, convey a sense of distinctiveness and pride for the community and identify Guthrie’s public facilities and provide information to the public,” Mueller said.

Other items that were passed by the council:

– change of Proposed Fee for Grant Writing Services with Civicus Group.

– Memorandum of Understanding with the State of Oklahoma, Department of Central Services, Property Distribution Division as State Coordinator of the 1033 Program.

– Repairs to Brush Pumper, to the low bid of $59,861 to Blanchat Mfg., Inc, Harper, KS, and authorize staff to execute a contract.

– 2012 Calendar Year Schedule of Regular Meetings

– Budget Amendment No. 2 increasing the budget for the General Fund, Guthrie Public Works Fund, Grants Fund, Capital Projects Fund and Airport Fund.

– Street Capital Improvement Program for the resurfacing of Hillcrest Dr. from Walnut to Pine Streets and using the remaining funds for the resurfacing of the remainder Mineral Wells Park Roads once the Inter‐local Agreement with Logan County for the resurfacing of Fairground Road and some of Mineral Wells Park Roads.

– Construction of Guthrie Animal Shelter, for the removal and replacement of the remaining slab in the amount of $6,450.

– Guthrie Retail Incentive Document.


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