Online payments an early success for city

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The City of Guthrie is seeing great success with customers paying their utility bills online and in the process saving money and time.

City Manager Matt Mueller in a recent update said in addition to the savings, “we are providing a more convenient way of receiving and paying their utility.”

In April, the City started to allow online utility payments as well as the ability for citizens to pay traffic tickets on the City’s website, with some citizens seeking to learn about credit card payment processing so they can better understand how they are able to pay online.

In May and June combined, 256 eBills were processed and saved $88 on postage and paper supplies. That dollar amount does not include staff time.

A total of 1,698 ACH (automated clearing house/credit card process) was accounted for the months of April, May and June.

87 ePayments were downloaded in May and June that totaled $11,987.60 and cut down the payments that staff had to process.

“We are saving money using less postage, less paper, less toner, and the wear and tear on office equipment,” Mueller said. “Hopefully we will continue to see our customers utilize one or more of these options that are available to them.”

To access the online payment portion please click here.


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