Dilapidated homes beginning to come down

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The City of Guthrie is moving swiftly on dilapidated houses, but at the same time are receiving help from property owners.

Back in April, the City identified 50 to 60 dilapidated homes that needed to be repaired or torn down and to date five structures  have come down with more on the way.

They identified six properties that were going to work with first and of the six, two property owners came in and got demolition permits and the City started the abatement process on the other four according to Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller in his weekly update.

“The two that were being handled by the property owners have been taken down. Of the four that we are working, one was donated to neighborhood solutions and they will have it torn down by the end of the month,” Mueller said.

It is estimated to cost $5,000 to demolish each home. The city says there are programs and organizations in town to help owners who don’t have the money to remove the torn down homes.

Mueller says the City has three of the six structures to take down in which one of them has been completed, and the other two will be complete in the next few days.

“We have also had two other homes that were not on the original list taken down by the property owners, and two more that have additional demolition permits pending,” Mueller concluded.

Mueller broke the project down to these numbers: taken down by City – 1, pending for City to take down – 2, donated to NSC – 1, taken down by property owner – 4, pending for property owner to take down – 2 and total demoed or pending – 10.


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  1. I’m so glad to hear the city is finally demolishing these homes that are such an eye sore and dangerous to the community! This city could be beautiful if there were a lot more proud homeowners.

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