Watch: Council appoints three members to the CVB board

Three citizens were approved to the Convention and Visitor Bureau by the Guthrie city council. Two members were approved with an unanimous vote.

The primary purpose of the Guthrie Convention and Visitor Bureau is to promote general interest in and for the City of Guthrie along with improving conditions for businesses and increasing visitors and tourism as a meeting place, athletic venue and overnight visitor destination.

Ward 3 Council members Gaylord Z. Thomas and Don Channel nominated Robert Moses, who is retired from the banking business, to fill an unexpired term, which ends Sept. 30, 2020.

The motion passed 7-0 by the council.

Next, Mayor Steve Gentling nominated current chairman of the CVB board Kailyn Swonger, who is self-employed and heavily involved with local organizations, for an at-large position with the term ending Sept. 30, 2022.

The council approved Swonger with a 5-2 vote. Council members, Brian Bothroyd, Jeff Taylor, Thomas and Gentling voting yes and James Long and Channel voting no.

For the final nomination, Gentling nominated Joshua Stratton, who is in marketing and brand development, to fill an unexpired at-large position ending Sept. 30, 2021.

In total, five candidates submitted applications.

During discussion, Taylor asked Gentling, “who all did you interview?”

Gentling responded, “I interviewed all of them. All five.”

Moments later, Jill Ochs-Tontz, who was in the audience, said she wanted to clarify to the council that she was not interviewed.

Gentling responded, “I called you three times.”

Tontz said, “Well, that’s not interviewing.”


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  1. Since there doesn’t seem to be anywhere to post general comments, I’ll use this one. I’m under the impression that Guthrie has a street sweeper. I’m under this impression because I’ve seen it and flagged him down and inquired about his cleaning the street guidelines. I’ve yet to determine his “SCHEDULED ROUTE”. Unless this is determined by the driver what needs to be cleaned and when it is to be cleaned. Hopefully someone on the city council knows about this and can grant me an answer. I was sweeping debris off of the street with a broom on Noble. It was dirt, twigs, leaves and sticks. If I can sweep it with a broom surely the Street Sweeper could sweep it as well. I do live on the West side and last time I looked tax money was collected from this side of town.


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