What others are saying about the game

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Here are what some are saying about Guthrie – Carl Albert:

Justin Mitchell OkVarsity.com and Rivals.com

They’re both well-coached teams. When two programs like Guthrie and Carl Albert face off, you know you are getting a game with two squads that are fundamentally sound, have solid game plans and know they’re game. Basically, it’s going to be a fist fight for four quarters. For an X’s and O’s guy like me, that’s something to get excited about.

Van Shea IvenOklahoma High School Sports Express  The respect that both programs have for each other.  It doesn’t matter if it’s on the football field or in the gym, Guthrie vs. Carl Albert matches some of the most talented, disciplined and well coached athletes in their class every year. 

For the other nine weeks of the football regular season, both the Blue Jays and Titans have an advantage when the take the field as their opponents see the “G” or “CA” on the helmet and get a little spooked.   This week, however, there is no “spooked” just “psyched” as the winner of this contest always seems to be one of the two teams playing when the first weekend in December arrives.

Ryan AberThe Oklahoman  Carl Albert – Guthrie is special because it’s a rivalry based not on geography, but two teams that are consistently near the top of their class and have a healthy respect for each other.

Bob PrzybloThe Oklahoman  1. Rafe Watkins has a winning record against Gary Rose. 2. How in the world are these two teams rivals? It’s not a natural geographic thing, but the intensity is incredible.



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  1. Great game…….Sad that CA did not test the Guthrie defense with it’s monster running game. Whittington had 6 carries, and avearaged 4 yards a touch??? Knight 0……Not sure what CA was wanting to do?? Those 2 kids did not see the carries that got CA to where they were, and the carries they needed to put the pressure on Guthrie!! It was Hawkins pass, Hawkins run???? CA was “out-coached”!! Period!! The O coordinator was beat down in his coaching both upstairs!! Sad night for the CA kids……..wake-up call for Rose!! Or……..Maybe Rose threw the game, as he has done in the past when meeting top opponents in the regular season….. to avoid meeting Guthrie in the play-offs and stacking Guthrie on the opposite side of the Play-off bracket and then meeting them again in the State Title game………You can bet he will then give Whittington the ball 20-30 times and he will wear down the Guthrie D…..Resulting in State Title #11…….Anyone want to bet against it?? Watch!!! The Rose “Gold Ball” plan is well on it’s way…. Write about that guys!!!

  2. Thats just dumb. I mean dumber than something really dumb. If you get 2nd in this district you book a trip to Tulsa for the 2nd round and most likely a date with BTW so if that is the CA plan to the gold ball… well not the road I would choose. You’re better off out of the 3 hole in this district. So If CA ends up 3rd you might just have half a clue, but since I know Rose was out to win the district and the game you Sir are a fool who just removed all doubt.

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