The Terrible Legislative Budgeting Process

I suspect many Oklahomans envision that their state budget is carefully deliberated through the legislative committee system. They may believe the committee members understand the nuance for each significant agency expenditure under their purview and carefully vote on and approve proposed new budgets with each line item being built from zero up to a level […]

Chamber Chat: Airport Community Day coming

Tuesday, May 8th from noon to 1:00 we will have our regularly scheduled Educational Series with Insurance Commissioner John Doak. He would like to discuss insurance issues, including workers compensation that business owners may be having in the state.  This would allow him to take issues to the Capital and try to obtain resolution.

A real states rights solution

I hear often from House District 31 constituents regarding their frustration with the ever increasing encroachment of the federal government. From the fear of new healthcare policies to dealing with aggressive new environmental regulations, these constituents express their feelings of helplessness about their ability to have their voices heard. They want us to do something […]

Multiple projects underway in District 1

When the Board of County Commissioners meet at 9:00 a.m. Monday, April 30 for their regularly scheduled meeting, work that is underway to improve county infrastructure will be reflected on the agenda. District 1 will present ten programming resolutions for approval by the commissioners for projects recently funded through the Surface Transportation Program administered by […]

Modernization Legislation Signed This Week Already Saving Nearly a Million Dollars

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has signed a key cost-saving government modernization initiative. House Bill 2197 outlines what appears to be one of the most aggressive state government implementations of open source and open standards technology in the nation and purportedly has saved nearly a million dollars each year even before its implementation.