City leaders cautiously moving forward with sales tax dollars

The good news for the City of Guthrie is sales tax revenue has been on the increase for the current fiscal year. However, the unknown future has city leaders moving cautiously with the ongoing pandemic.


The April sales tax dollars is up 9.5% compared to the same period a year ago. In total, the City generated $512,140.90 with an increase of $44,449.21.

In addition, the City collected $60,047.76 in use tax dollars for an increase of 26.08% compared to April 2019.

Overall, the City is 6.14% higher, accumulatively, as compared to 2019 ($220,049.05) in sales tax and 27.23% higher in use tax, accumulatively, as compared to 2019 or $97,150.05.

Guthrie City Manager Leroy Alsup says the increase will help as they await the outcome of COVID-19.

“(The increase) will help give some stability as we wait to see both the short term and long term impact the COVID-19 Pandemic will have on our local economy,” Alsup said in an email.

“It would appear that we have a little breathing room to cautiously and conservatively move forward as we wait to see future revenue trends.”

The city manager added the City will not make any large material or equipment purchases out of the General and Public Works Authority (GPWA) operating funds.

Alsup says there are no plans for a hiring freeze, but only essential positions will be filled over the next few months.

According to Alsup, the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) planned for the current fiscal year, including projects such as Mineral Wells Park, street paving and waterlines will still move forward as soon as they return back to normal business routines.

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