COVID active numbers continue to decline in Logan County

While there is still a ways to go in the fight against COVID-19, the number of active cases in Logan County continue to decline along with the risk level.

On Wednesday, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) reported Logan County had 140 active, confirmed COVID cases. That number was high as 440 at one time earlier this year.

The county’s risk level has also come down significantly.

OSDH developed the Oklahoma COVID-19 Risk Level System; a four-tiered risk measurement tool with corresponding color categories that identify the current COVID-19 risk level. This tool offers the public and local elected officials an easy way to recognize each county’s risk level.

The latest data to be released on Feb. 18 showed Logan County at a 12.2 risk, which is the lowest since Sept. 17 (8.93). The risk level the week before (Feb. 4), stood at 41.7.

The risk level peaked on Dec. 24 with a 80.6 for Logan County.

Public health officials said the improved numbers come from the increasing number of COVID vaccinations and people wearing masks. Also, helping the cause recently has been the cold weather, which kept many people inside their home.

With no reported deaths for the county since Jan. 22, the COVID-related deaths remains at 26.

In total, 3,904 people from Logan County have tested positive for the virus with 3,738 making recoveries.

Across the state, 37 virus-related deaths were reported (29 since Jan. 1) along with 798 new coronavirus cases were reported since Tuesday, according to daily numbers released by the OSDH.

The seven-day rolling average for new cases reported was 736, according to OSDH.

As of Friday, 681,466 total vaccine doses have been administered and 893,550 total doses have been received by the state. More than 204,000 Oklahomans have completed both inoculations.


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