Dan Triplett found guilty of first-degree murder of Brent Mack

Jurors needed just over two hours to find a guilty verdict of Daniel Joseph Triplett of first-degree murder of Brent Mack.

Jurors sentenced Triplett to prison for life without parole in the murder conviction and up to seven years in prison and an $8,000 fine for the second charge of desecration of a body.

Formal sentencing is scheduled for June 16 at 9 a.m.

Jurors deliberated for two hours and 13 minutes after closing arguments from the prosecution and the defense.

Triplett took the stand last week and claimed he shot Mack in self-defense after Mack pointed a gun at him in the hole. Wallace said Triplett took the gun from Mack, shouldered him, and shot Mack instinctively.

Ultimately, 12 jurors did not believe his testimony.

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In closing argument, prosecutors needed 74 minutes to speak to the jury one final time before deliberations. Triplett’s attorney, Ronald Wallace, took 40 minutes.

On multiple occasions, Wallace told jurors to use their “common sense.”

Assistant District Attorney JR Kalk told jurors that Mack was a victim of execution, not altercation.

“Brent Mack never knew that gunshot was coming.”

Kalka added, “There were two men on the job site. One is a liar and one is dead.”

“This has been a long fight and we weren’t going anywhere,” said Troy Franklin-Smith, Brent’s brother. “We did it bro. We got the justice that you wanted.”

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