Family, community looking to help man who was shot by Edmond police

Updated on August 18, 2021 — A GoFundMe page has been setup.

Carrington Scott’s family knew. His friends and former high school teachers knew. They all knew – mentally – it was not Carrington who fired off several gun shots from inside a home. However, physically, it appears it was.

Scott was shot and taken into custody by the Edmond Police Department on Aug. 11.

“The man I know would do no such thing. I pray to God he gets the help he needs,” a friend said.

According to Edmond police officials, a 911 call was placed to check the welfare of the 36-year-old Scott. The caller, who was not injured, said when he knocked on the front door of an Edmond home, Scott started shooting from inside.

Officers arrived to the home and quickly setup a perimeter. Scott continued to fire off rounds. He eventually came out of the home armed with a semi-automatic rifle and handgun, and police said he was carrying a significant amount of ammunition while wearing body armor. Related article: Former Guthrie resident identified as man firing shots inside Edmond home

“He was in a full-fledged psychotic mode,” said the alleged shooter’s mother, Eva Scott, in a television interview with KFOR. “Anybody could see something was wrong.”

She says Carrington had been in the grips of a mental breakdown in the days leading up to the incident.

A week before the shooting, Carrington called police for help because he thought he was under surveillance. His family said he wanted officers there to check his home for devices.

“I’ve recently been the victim of, I hate to say it, bugs in my house,” said Carrington said during a call to Edmond Police.

When officers arrived to his home, they found tape scattered on his walls.

“He had tape all over the wall because ‘people,’ because ‘somebody’, ‘they’, were after him,” his mother told KFOR.

Carrington graduated from Guthrie High School in 2003 with high honors and was the senior class president. The family says he later earned two Master’s degrees at the University of Oklahoma.

Just days before the shooting, Carrington failed a test – by one point- that would allowed him to be a therapist.

“I watched this young man grow up,” one person commented on social media. “He is like family. Carrington Scott is one of the finest young men I have EVER known. Something went terribly wrong. Praying without ceasing for him and his precious family.”

Another posted, “Carrington went to school with my daughter and was always so sweet and a gentleman. My prayers are with him and his family.”

A friend and Logan County deputy said, “Not the Carrington I know! Has been a great man all his life. Sounds like he was in an altered state. Glad no one was seriously injured. Prayers for you brother.”

A former little league coach showed his support by saying, “I coached Carrington in little league football for two years. He was a smart kid (and) loved coaching him. I hope he gets the help he needs.”

Carrington’s family is now hoping the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office considers all the factors before moving forward with formal charges. He was arrested on several counts, including shooting with intent to kill.

“We will be getting him the help he needs,” a family member said. “We greatly appreciate the outpour of love and prayers. This is where we take care of each other!”


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