Former Guthrie coach named Coach of the Year for Oklahoma

In April, Ron Gillett was named a region coach of the year. Late last month he was named Junior High Coach of the Year for Oklahoma. Except he did not learn of the award until Friday morning.

Gillett retired from coaching sports last year after 30 years.

In April, he was named Region 1 Junior High Coach of the Year.

During the Oklahoma Coaches Association (OCA) clinic in Tulsa, Gillett was named the coach of the year for not softball but for all sports recognized by the association for the 2022-2023 school year.

Athletic Director Jon Chappell accepted the honor but kept the plaque and information hidden until Friday.

Chappell had a better idea.

Guthrie Public Schools held their convocation Friday morning at Guthrie Junior High School and in front of the softball team, in front of all the teachers in the school district, all the coaches, and all the support staff, Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson presented the state-wide award to a surprised Gillett.

Gillett is Guthrie’s first Junior High coach to receive the honor.

Gillett started with the Guthrie Junior High team as an assistant in 2014 before becoming the head coach the following season.

“I thoroughly loved coaching you,” Gillett told the program last November. “I’ve learned the game through them (players) and other coaches.”

Many said Gillett was the perfect mix of the old school, tell-it-how-it-is, blunt but in the same sense the player’s biggest cheerleader, supporter, confidant, and safe place.

Gillet finished his career with a 125-48 record and never logged a losing season.

Despite giving up coaching, Gillett told the program he will there them “all the way.”


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