Logan County filings April 29, 2022

Following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County for April 29, 2022.

Criminal Felony (CF)

CF-2022-62State of Oklahoma v. Jamison, Kevin Michael

Civil relief more than $10,000 (CJ)

CJ-2022-65Jefferson Capital Systems LLC v. Dustin Lozer and Jessica. Lozer
CJ-2022-66Finance Of America Reverse LLC v. Aubrey Prescott , et al
CJ-2022-67Rocket Mortgage, LLC v. Anna Bush, et al
CJ-2022-68Self Legal Group, PLLC v. Dana Huckaby

Criminal Misdemeanor (CM)

CM-2022-120State of Oklahoma v. Sparkman, Stephen Ray

Civil relief less than $10,000 (CS)

CS-2022-81Midland Credit Management, Inc v. Blaine Brooks
CS-2022-82Midland Credit Management, Inc v. David John Fedder
CS-2022-83LVNV Funding LLC v. Floyd King
CS-2022-84LVNV Funding LLC v. Christy D Hammer
CS-2022-85LVNV Funding LLC v. Kourtney Freeman
CS-2022-86LVNV Funding LLC v. Bortz, Tana
CS-2022-87Cach, LLC v. Laura Johnson

Civil Misc. (CV)

CV-2022-76In the Matter of the Petition for Change of Name: Michael Chad Christy, parent of minor child Culver Thomas Christy

Family and Domestic (FD)

FD-2022-71In re the Marriage of: Rains-ringwald, Delta Lynn and Ringwald, Leroy Edward

Minister’s Credentials (MC)

MC-2022-16In Re: Minister Credentials of Craig Rogers BOOK 2022 PAGE 16

Marriage license (ML)

ML-2022-69In Re the marriage of Connor Galt Mccarty and Natalie Jane Davis
ML-2022-70In Re the marriage of Chelsea Ann Hausinger and Madison Hope White

Probate (PB)

PB-2022-50In the Matter of the Estate of Lester Clifford Branch, deceased

Small Claims (SC)

SC-2022-131Michael Maloy v. Les Luttral
SC-2022-132Kelley Killman v. Take Control, LLC


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