Logan County, Guthrie needs to be weather aware this weekend

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Weather forecasters are alarming people to be aware of a significant threat of serious storms for the next three days for Oklahoma, including Logan County and Guthrie.

The area will be in a 3-day moderate risk which is above the slight risk category. According to the National Weather Service, it’s still not certain if the storms will happen, how bad they will be or when/where they will strike.

The potential storms may bring a significant outbreak of tornadoes and very large hail across parts of Oklahoma and Kansas.

Logan County Emergency Director David Ball said people just need to be aware of the weather and understand how the storm sirens work.

“The outdoor warning systems are not made to be heard in your home. The siren tone is a single three-minute steady blast,” Ball said.

 Ball added that an all-clear siren will not be sounded.

For more information on the out-door warning system in Logan County and instructions on what to do if the sirens are sounded read the following: Logan County Outdoor Warning System Information


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