Will Logan County go under a burn ban?

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Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow issued a burn ban on Monday for the city limits of Guthrie. However, this does not include the county at this time.

The Oklahoma County Board of Commissioners issued a burn ban last week due to drought conditions and wildfire danger. Oklahoma County joins 30 other Oklahoma counties to issue the ban with more counties expected to follow suit. Currently there are no Governor burn bans issued.

So how does Logan County enact a burn ban?

In 2008, Governor Brad Henry signed into law Senate Bill 1816 which authorizes Boards of County Commissioners to enact a ban on outdoor burning.

Prior to the passage of a burn ban, the Board must declare the existence of extreme fire danger. This means four conditions must exist:

1. Moderate, severe or extreme drought exists as determined by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

2. No more than 1/2″ of precipitation is forecast for the next three days

3. Fire occurrence is greater than normal for the season and/or initial attack on a significant number of wildland fires has been unsuccessful due to extreme fire behavior

4. More than 20% of wildfires in the county have been caused by escaped debris burning or controlled burning activities

Commissioners must also document that a majority of the county’s municipal and certified rural departments agree that extreme fire danger exists.

David Ball, Logan County Emergency Management Director, typically communicates with each fire department to gather this information to present to the Board of Commissioners.

Once a burn ban is enacted, it becomes effective immediately. It can also be cancelled before the 30 days expire,but this must be done by resolution also.

On the same day that a ban is implemented, notification must be made to the Departments of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Public Safety, Tourism and Recreation, Wildlife Conservation, local news media and local law enforcement officials.

In Logan County, notifying the various entities is generally carried out by the emergency management director.


2 Comments on "Will Logan County go under a burn ban?"

  1. Phil Leveritt | August 3, 2012 at 9:12 am | Reply

    To our Logan County Commisioners: DO YOUR JOB!! How hot and dry does it have to get, before the necessary actions are taken to get a burn ban for Logan county? There is a red flag fire alert in effect, and the wind is expected to be 15-20 mph today! Every county around Logan county is under a burn ban. Are you waiting for a dozen homes to burn down before you do your job? Maybe one of those homes will belong to someone that is responsible for this inaction! This lack of concern, for the citizens of Logan county, is ridiculous! The City of Guthrie is under a burn ban……Do something!

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