Logan County Sheriff’s Office ready to begin Angel Tree Program

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office announces this year’s Holiday Season Event through an Angel Tree Program. It will kick off on November 24th as they set up and add “Angel Cards” to the tree.

The Sheriff’s Office hopes this will bring individuals wishing to help this season purchase items that will brighten the day of a child during this seasonal event.

The public will be invited to come by the Sheriff’s Office (216 South Broad Street in Guthrie). They can visit the tree in the lobby and pull an angel card off the tree. 

Information will be the first name of a child, boy/girl and the age. It will contained items that Parents of the child have put on their wish list, to include clothing items needed and their sizes.

A card will be filled out and drop it in the box provided with the code number on the Angel Card, their name and address and phone number.

Sheriff officials will then can keep track of who currently has an angel card out and if the presenter wishes for the parent to know who they are, so they might thank them, or the information will be kept confidential if they wish for their info not be released.

They will then take the card with them and go shopping and bring back the items unwrapped.  The deputies will wrap the items and then delivery to the kids throughout the county.

“We wish to have all the items back by December 8th so as we can get them wrapped and delivered,” Ashley Tillman said.

The applications were provided to superintendents of each of the Logan County school districts earlier in October to provide to parents in need. 

“We truly appreciate the work of each of the Schools and Churches throughout our County that participated in this event as it would not work without their cooperation,” Tilman added.

For more information, contact Ashley Tillman and or Selena McRae in the Logan County Records division at atillman@logancountyso.org or records@logancountyso.org. You can also call 405-260-3215.


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