Progress on Midwest and STP applications‏

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Winter is here after the driest summer ever recorded and road maintenance has kept us quite busy. Using my annual contribution and working with Guthrie, we were successful getting safety striping on Roller Coaster and Prairie Grove from Division to Pine.
At the same time, we have been focused on replacing the first two miles of Midwest north of Waterloo. We removed all the trees and excess dirt we could in the right of way from Charter Oak to Simmons and recycled the old chip seal paving and packed it by the first week of December. Now we are building up the road with a solid base and replacing culverts in preparation for asphalt. From Waterloo to Simmons, we are still removing trees and will soon be removing excess dirt in preparation for recycling the road.
While working on these immediate needs, we are also working on funding future needs. Surface Transportation Program for Urban Zone Areas (STP-UZA) applications are being submitted to Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) for inclusion in the Transportation Improvement Plan. This is one of the processes by which outside funding is brought into our district. Projects applied for are the paving of Charter Oak from Sooner to Douglas (3 miles), Pine from Waterloo to Simpson (2 miles with an overlay on the third mile recently paved) and Westminster Rd from Waterloo to Charter Oak (2 miles). We have already been approved through Association County Commissioners of Oklahoma for a $1.25 million STP scheduled for 2014 to replace Douglas from Waterloo to Forrest Hills Rd. However, we are also applying through ACOG for an STP-UZA with the possibility of getting this project started sooner.
This reflects some of the work my administration has been involved with to improve the District 2 road  infrastructure. To read about other funded projects, please visit


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