Second initiative petition filed with City of Guthrie

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For the second time in four months, the City of Guthrie has received an Initiative Petition from Guthrie residents in hopes of changing the city’s charter.

On September 27th, Guthrie Mayor Chuck Burtcher received an initiative petition from Guthrie residents Erin Christian and James Hensley requesting that the Guthrie City Attorney shall reside within the City limits, or within the Guthrie school district.

Christian and Hensley, the proponents of the petition, have 90 days from the time of the petition is filed to gather the required signatures necessary to move forward. The number of required signatures is 25% of the turnout of the last general election.

In the September 6th city council meeting, current City Attorney Randel Shadid, an attorney with a law office in Edmond, was reappointed with a vote of 5-1. Councilmember Patty Hazlewood casted the lone no vote.

If Shadid considers the petition is valid, it will be submitted for a vote at the next regular election scheduled for April 2, 2013.

In mid July, Mary Murphey turned in an initiative petition along with LaDawn Waddell proposing a charter amendment relating to the Council’s abilities to raise or implement fees.

The petition, titled Increase in Utility Fees, would state that any increase in water, sewer, trash, recycling or user fee or new implementation of fees be submitted for a vote by voters for their approval or rejection at the next general election or at a special election.


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