Teachers, certified personnel to get up to $6,000 pay raise under plan approved by Senate

OKLAHOMA CITY – A bill to provide an across-the-board pay increase for Oklahoma’s teachers and certified school personnel received overwhelming support in the Senate Tuesday. Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond, the chairman of the Education Committee and Education Appropriation Subcommittee, authored Senate Bill 482 to provide a scaled pay increase ranging from $3,000 to $6,000 based on years of service.

“As our state works to further improve teacher retention and recruitment, it’s imperative that we stay competitive with other states. While our teachers and other school employees have some of the best benefits in the region, we must also reward these public servants by increasing their pay to keep pace with regional trends,” Pugh said. “This will boost the minimum salary schedule for new teachers by $3,000 and the salaries of those who have dedicated their careers to the classroom by up to $6,000—that experience, knowledge and expertise must be recognized and rewarded.”

SB 482 would increase the minimum salary schedule as follows:

  • $3,000 for teachers with 0-4 years of experience
  • $4,000 for teachers with 5-9 years of experience
  • $5,000 for teachers with 10-14 years of experience
  • $6,000 for teachers with 15-25 years of experience

“This will not only boost the teacher minimum salary schedule but will also provide a pay raise to all of Oklahoma’s hardworking teachers and other instructional certified staff across-the-board to keep pace with other states,” Pugh said. “I’ve worked with thousands of teachers, administrators, and others over the past year to figure out the best ways to attract more people into this rewarding profession, as well as recognize the dedication of those who have made this their life’s career. Increasing pay is just one of many ways the Senate is working to accomplish these goals this session. Given that other states like Arkansas and Texas are raising teacher pay, it’s vital that we respond to the marketplace and improve compensation to keep and attract education’s finest.”

There are 546 traditional and charter public schools in Oklahoma with approximately 52,006 certified personnel.

The measure will now move to the House where Rep. Mark McBride, R-Moore, is the principal House author.


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