Watch: GPS host hospital, foundation for special announcement to help students with asthma

A celebration announcement was held last week at Guthrie Upper Elementary School during a ceremony that will help save the lives of Oklahoma K-12 public school students who experience asthma attacks at school.

The program is the first in the nation.

In partnership with SSM Health St. Anthony, the Brendon McLarty Memorial Foundation is beginning the process of supplying rescue inhalers and related medical supplies to every school in every public district in the state of Oklahoma. 

On hand for the announcement were Guthrie Superintendent Dr. Mike Simpson, State Senator Chuck Hall, and former school nurse April Devereaux who helped bring the program to Guthrie.

SSM Health provided almost $200,000 in grant money to help the foundation.

Studies show approximately 10 percent of minors living in Oklahoma today suffer from asthma, a serious lung condition that compromises breathing often without warning. Immediate access to a rescue inhaler can be the difference between life and death.

The Brendon McLarty Foundation gives rescue inhalers and other supplies to schools in case a student has an asthma attack. So far their foundation has provided inhalers to 85 districts across the state and those inhalers have been used more than 600 times.

The presence of these lifesaving supplies in proximity to each public school student statewide will generate peace of mind for students, parents, and educators, ultimately contributing to better health and educational outcomes.

The announcement is in conjunction with the memory of what would have been the 27th birthday of an Oklahoma teenager, Brendon McLarty, who passed away due to a fatal asthma attack.


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