Audrey Allen inducted into Logan County 4-H Hall of Fame

GUTHRIE – Audrey Allen was added to the Logan County 4-H Hall of Fame at the annual Logan County 4-H achievement banquet held at the fairgrounds last fall. 

Hall of Fame is awarded annually to an outstanding senior 4-H member in the county and is the highest honor for 4-H member at the county level. 

Allen has been taking part in 4-H activities long before she was an official 4-H member.  She has been a member of the South Logan County 4-H Club since it was formed in 2015, where she was one of the first original Cloverbuds to attend meetings in that new club.  Now, an eight-year 4-H member, Allen was also in the top three with both of her state record books in the areas of Health & Fitness and Recreation & Leisure Arts.

“To me, both of these areas encompass all I have worked on my entire 4-H career,” said Allen.  “Health & Fitness means improving physical health by learning about nutrition and physical fitness, emotional health by focusing on hobbies, social health by working in groups, and intellectual health by learning new things.  Recreation & Leisure Arts means learning to use my time wisely.”

Allen saw a need in her community and created a new project to fill that need, called Clover Clothes Closet.  With her project, she gathers long pants, underwear, and socks to donate to her local elementary school, Charter Oak Elementary.  Allen said “kids have accidents, they have spills, and break zippers.  When the school has those things on hand, they can help the kids discretely.  Changing into clean clothing quickly helps them physically.  It helps them emotionally and socially by helping the kids not be embarrassed, and intellectually by helping the kids stay in school instead of having to go home.”  Allen gives speeches about this project, has a Facebook page, and a GoFundMe about her cause. 

“Audrey found out that the school really needs these items, and ultimately, the school staff was purchasing them out of their own pockets,” said AnnDee Turner, Logan County Extension Educator.  “Watching Audrey grow and help in her community in such a way that is so meaningful to her is very exciting to see, and it is really what 4-H is all about.”  Allen’s project is just over a year old, and she has donated 303 items so far. 

“I have grown a lot as a leader and as a person in 4-H,” adds Allen.  “We do 4-H projects all year, but we also focus on doing things for the community.”  Other civic engagement projects Allen has participated in includes making pillowcases for Children’s Hospital, making masks for nursing homes and service providers, cleaning up the local school grounds, and much more.

In addition to hard work, Allen enjoys 4-H activities such as 4-H Camp, Youth in Action Leadership Conference, Cupcake Wars, Food Showdown, Speech Contests, local club meetings and county teen leader meetings, etc.  Allen currently serves as the Logan County 4-H Teen Leaders Reporter and received the “I Dare You” award at the banquet, presented to 4-H members who exemplify four-square development, which includes physical, mental, social, and moral development. 

Allen is the daughter of Russ and Susan Allen, and has one younger brother, Luke, who is following in her footsteps in 4-H.  She completed her Freshman year at Guthrie High School, plays trombone in the marching band and the jazz band, and plays golf for the Blue Jays.  She is a member of Memorial Road Church of Christ. 

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