Chamber to host televised forum for Senate candidates

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The Chamber of Commerce will host a televised forum for the five candidates running for the  Senate District #20 seat.

The forum will be held Tuesday, January 31st, at 6:30, in the council chambers of City Hall.

The informational forum will be televised by Guthrie Television 20 (GTV 20).

Each candidate will have a 2-minute opening followed by a 2-minute wrap up at the end of the forum. Questions will be written on index cards from the audience and checked as to not duplicate a question then each candidate will have one minute to give their answer.

District 20 State Senator Candidates:

Democrat – Magnus W.T. Scott Sr., 58, 313 Tolson St., Langston, OK 73050
Republican – Phil Berkenbile, 61, 24701 County Road 270, Morrison, OK 73061
Republican – Wayne Murphey, 55, 428 Brookside Dr., Guthrie, OK 73044
Republican – Ann AJ Griffin, 43, 4001 Highway 105, Guthrie, OK 73044
Republican – Chris Humphreys, 57, 2945 Walking Tall Drive, Guthrie, OK 73044


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