City shares ordinances on signs for upcoming elections

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Election time is right around the corner and Guthrie officials are looking to inform candidates and the public about political signs in hopes of minimizing any confusion, conflict, or expense.

Community Development Director Rene Spineto said she would like to congratulate all candidates for running for public office.

“Public service is an excellent opportunity to give back to the citizenry and positively contribute to the democratic process,” Spineto said.

Spineto is reminding all candidates of the ordinances that are set in place by the City of Guthrie regarding the street signs we see each year.

The ordinance (3215, Article 9, Section 4-174D, Political Signs) states: political signs shall not be placed within any park, boulevard, street, parkway, median, public right-of-way, or easement under the control of or maintained by the City of Guthrie.

Spineto went on to say that signs in the public right-of-way (including roadway medians) impede mowing and maintenance crews from completing their duties, may block sight triangles in the roadway, and negatively affect the aesthetic value of the community by giving a cluttered look to public property.

A candidate, or a candidate’s campaign team could have their signs confiscated and repeat offenders can expect fines up to $200 for illegal placed signs.

The placement of political signs on private property is encouraged (with property owner or resident’s permission) as long as it is out of the right-of-way.

“A good rule of thumb to follow is to place signs behind the sidewalk or the utility pole line (whichever is farther back),” Spineto concluded with.


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