Council member resigns her post

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Guthrie councilwoman Ellen Gomes turned in her resignation letter Thursday morning.

Gomes resigned from her ward three post due to health conditions. Her term was to expire in 2015.

“She has been a tremendous asset to this community and has worked tirelessly as a public servant for many years.  I am sure that her presence and insight will be greatly missed,” City Manager Matt Mueller said.

Gomes was absent from Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

City officials have yet to determine about filling the vacacny.

The Charter states that “If a vacancy occurs in the office of Councilman, the City Council shall select, by an affirmative vote of at least four (4) members, and eligible person to fill the vacancy at the next regular meeting of the City Council following the creation of the vacancy or as soon thereafter as is practical.”

Guthrie Mayor Chuck Burtcher told Guthrie News Page that Gomes is a treasure to Guthrie.

“She has been a treasure council member and a stalwart to this community. She has a history of business and I will tremendously miss her,” Burtcher said. He concluded by saying Mrs. Gomes was always good for updates on weather conditions.

Burtcher said he hopes to have a recommendation for the open seat to the council by the end of the month and presented in October for approval.

“I am going to look real hard for someone whose heart beats for Guthrie,” Burtcher said.


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