Latest sales tax numbers keeping Guthrie on par

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Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller said Guthrie is in line where they need to be with the recent sales tax numbers from this month in his recent City Manager Update.

“Our sales tax deposit this month was $322,249 compared to the $311,865 that was deposited this time last year,” Mueller said about the 3.3% increase compared to the previous year’s comparison.

However, it is a 5.26% decrease from the $340,158 deposited in 2009 – 2010.

“This shows that while we are still better off than we were a year ago, we are still not back to the deposit amounts seen seeing two years ago,” Mueller added.

Mueller mentioned the monthly average collected in Fiscal Year 09-10 was $322,172, and in 10-11 it was $300,932 with two more months left to collect. our monthly average is $311,352.

Mueller went on to say that the monthly average at this time is $311,352 and needs to maintain an average of $300,000 per month to meet budget projections.


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