County elected officials receive a bump in salary, travel allowance

Due to Oklahoma legislation, the eight elected officials from Logan County are receiving a bump in pay.

The Logan County sheriff, assessor, county clerk, treasurer, court clerk, and the three commissioners are each elected to four-year terms.

State law currently allows county officials to make a base salary ranging from a minimum of $19,000 to a maximum of $42,500 per year.

All eight elected officers make the same base salary.

The Board of County Commissioners ultimately makes the decision for the base salary. Logan County has never taken the maximum amount allowed by law. Currently, the Logan County base salary is set at $42,349.

The BOCC can revisit the base salary, which the state will allow an increase up to $49,500, in next year’s fiscal year beginning in July 2025.

The second part of the officer’s salary is based on yearly valuations and population in the county. Recently, law changes made this part of the pay structure as a requirement instead of a suggestion.

With an increase in both population and net valuations, the second part of the salary was bumped up to $75 per month for a total of $17,625 annually.

For this year, each county-elected officer’s salary is $59,974.

Another source of salary comes through travel allowances, and this year the legislature gave counties the option to increase those dollars, which Logan County voted to do in a June 5 meeting.

With Senate Bill 951, the travel allowance for county commissioners and sheriffs increased from $700 to up to $1,000 per month; county assessors from $600 to up to $900; and county clerks, court clerks, and county treasurers from $500 to up to $800.

The measure also provides for county officers’ monthly travel allowances to be increased by 2% annually.

The money comes from the county budget.


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