COVID cases double for Logan County in two weeks

Over the last two weeks, COVID-19 cases have doubled in Logan County.

The latest information from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, Logan County saw an additional three cases on Thursday to push the county’s overall total to 52 cases.

On June 19, the total case count stood at 26 for the county north of the state’s largest county.

Of the 52 cases, there have been 30 recoveries and one death. The majority of the cases have come within the Guthrie area, including 12 active cases and 36 total cases.

The current 21 active cases is the single highest amount at one time for the county.

Overall, the seven day average for the county stands at 2.14 cases with the latest data provided on Thursday.

The first COVID case for Logan County was reported on March 19, while the lone death came on April 30.

For the state, there was an additional 427 cases on Thursday, which is the sixth largest number for the state. On Tuesday, 585 new cases were reported for the highest one day total to date.

Oklahoma shows 14,539 total cases with 11,048 of those recovering from the virus, while the death count now stands at 395, including six on Thursday.

Health officials reported that there were 338,511 total negative specimens. Officials said there have been 1,615 total hospitalizations, and that 368 people are currently hospitalized.

According to the health department, 34.78% of those who tested positive are between the ages of 18 to 35, 22.53% are 36 to 49 years old, 18.25% are 50 to 64 years old, 16.45% are 65 years old or older, 6.11% are 5 to 17 years old and 1.88% are 4 years old or younger.


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  1. Oh, dear friends, this is such good news. Covid has cured death by old age, the flu, cancer, heart attacks, car accidents, and the list goes on.

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