Don Coffin recognized by Guthrie Arts & Humanities Council

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He was quick to give credit to a huge group of others, but Don Coffin left the Guthrie Arts and Humanities Council with a day named in his name.

The Guthrie Arts and Humanities Council held its first annual meeting at Bespoke. The council the supporting organization of the Pollard Theatre.

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Coffin, the founding president of the council, was an instrumental part in bringing the theatre to Guthrie to go along with many other developments to the city and 25 years of promoting the Arts in Guthrie.

Guthrie Mayor Chuck Burtcher made the proclamation that April 10th would be known as Don Coffin Day.

The council elected a new board, including Liz Sterkel as President, Robin Lang as VP, Bette Butterworth as Secretary, and Marilyn Branch as Treasurer.

The organization honored Branch with the Top Producer Award, the Hall of Fame award to Mickey James, the Lifetime Achievement award to Ranell Cornwell and Volunteer of the Year went to Frankie Smith.



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  1. Martin Blaney | April 10, 2012 at 9:45 pm | Reply

    Damned near unbelievable? This town, city has never been screwed by anyone more? I mean never! Don Coffin, snake oil salesman, extrodinare….I yield the floor to anyone of you sir?

    Martin Blaney


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