Fire Department drills applicants for opening positions

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Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow and members of the Guthrie Fire Department drilled 9 applicants Saturday morning in hopes of filling two positions within the department.

Ben Schwartz, Guthrie, goes through an agility drill inside the fire station.

The applicants started the morning with a written test of 50 questions inside City Hall. Each had to score a minimum of 70% to move on to the next stop at the Guthrie High School track.

At the track, the applicants needed to run a mile and a half in under 13 minutes to move on to the final stage at the fire station.

Once at the station, the applicants were put through a physical agility test of eight stations that included climbing the ladder on the fire engine, sit ups, pack tools inside the truck, carry a barbel and a dummy the length of the station and back as well as carry a fire hose while walking across a narrow beam without falling off.

If an applicant was unable to complete any of the tasks they were excused for the remainder of the tests. Six of the 9 applicants successfully completed each task.


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