Four-way stop added in south Logan County

With increased traffic and multiple accidents, District 2 County Commissioner Kody Ellis decided a four-way stop was needed at a busy Logan County intersection.

Stop signs have been added to the intersection of Sooner Road at Simmons Road. The two additional signs on Sooner Road now coincide with the already installed stop signs on Simmons Road.

The Logan County Board of County Commissioners voted 3-0 to install the signs at their July 15 meeting.

“I have had a lot of people call in about that intersection,” Ellis told his fellow commissioners.

In addition to the stop signs, stop ahead signs have been installed along Sooner Road to alert motorists.

Ellis said the curves on both the north and south side of the intersection was one of the deciding factors to make the intersection a four-way.

“In order to try and slow traffic down, around that blind curve, this would be the best solution,” Ellis said before the BOCC vote.

A Stop Ahead sign alerts southbound motorists on Sooner Road on the upcoming four-way stop sign at the Simmons Road intersection.


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