Guthrie FFA officer team hosts 2nd annual leadership conference

Mollie Throckmorton and Hailey Drake look on at the leadership conference. Photo courtesy of Kaia Calvert.

The Guthrie FFA Officer Team hosted the leadership conference at Guthrie High School. FFA members from surrounding chapters like Crescent, Coyle, Dover, and Morrison attended the conference along with numerous members from the Guthrie FFA Chapter. In total, the conference brought together 245 FFA members from surrounding towns. The keynote speaker, Bill Cordes, engaged FFA members and challenged them to put in extra effort in everything they do. The Guthrie FFA Officer team also facilitated workshops based on the theme “Adjectives of a Good Leader”. Each workshop used interactive games to illustrate and teach about the adjectives of a good leader.

The Guthrie FFA officer team began planning and organization for this event in the summer during the officer retreat and continued the planning up to the weeks before the conference. The officer team came up with the theme of the conference and all the curriculum used in the workshops. Lots of time and hard work went into planning the conference. “As a whole, I am very pleased with how the conference went and am glad to have opportunities for other chapters as well as our own to participate in conferences like this one. I am very proud of my fellow officers as well as the members who helped put on this event. I am also thankful for Ag teachers who allow us to plan, host, and facilitate leadership conferences such as this one.” said Hailey Drake, Chapter President.

The conference was concluded with lunch and a call to action by Bill Cordes. Cordes urged students to be compassionate and understanding because everyone is going through challenging times even if it may not look as if they are. He kindly reminded the students to be a friend and always be able to listen to others around them.

Guthrie FFA is an intracurricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership. The chapter is made up of 230 members who excel in many different areas. The mission of the Guthrie FFA is to create leaders that advocate for agriculture and empower the community through extraordinary actions.


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