Guthrie firefighters purchase, install outdoor goals for youth shelter

Firefighters with the Guthrie Fire Department spent their Saturday morning helping children at the Logan County Youth Shelter by upgrading their outdoor activities.

The shelter reached out to the fire department in hopes of replacing a stand-alone basketball goal that had several hours of hoops played on. Firefighters with the International Association of Fire Firefighters Local 2145 made a trip to the shelter and decided to go a few steps further in assisting the home.

With the help of Ace Hardware and their donation of eight bags of cement, firefighters made a more permanent goal by purchasing an adjustable in-ground goal, assembling it and setting it into place.

On the other side of the concrete slab, firefighters replaced the other goal and backboard, which had seen better playing days, and secured it with additional cement.

Across the yard at the volleyball court, the net was sagging and in shambles. The fire crews purchased a new net and installed it for the next volleyball match.

Unfortunately, there are many children who need a shelter, but with the generous act of the Guthrie Fire Department, their stay can now be more enjoyable.


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