Guthrie Police had fewer arrests and citations in 2011

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In 2011 it was a less active year for the Guthrie Police Department compared to 2010 with less citations, arrests, larcenies, narcotics and vehicle accidents to back up the notion that Guthrie is indeed one of the safest cities in the metro.

The biggest decrease came in the form of citations. In 2010, the police force issued 3,903 tickets and in 2011 handed out just 2,006. The busiest month for citations came in February with 280.

City Manager Matt Mueller said in 2011 Municipal Court fines were budgeted to bring in $337,000 which is composed of 3% of the city’s total revenue. Fines in 2011 came in at $247,185. For the 2012 budget, Municipal Court fines are budgeted to bring in $306,000 of the $20 million plus budget. Again, 3% of the city’s total revenue.

Last year saw 202 fewer arrests with a total of 671 compared to 873 in 2010. February, again, lead the way as the busiest month with 80.

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There was 89 less narcotic cases, 74 less larcenies and 21 less vehicle accidents worked.

Guthrie Police worked 211 narcotic cases compared to 300 in 2010. December provided the biggest month with 29.

In 2011, 295 larceny cases were worked after 369 in 2010. Larceny is defined as unlawful taking and carrying away of someone else’s personal property with the intent to deprive the possessor of it permanently. The months of May and June topped the list last year.

The one increase in numbers this past year was burglaries. Burglary is breaking and entering any building with the intent to commit a felony. Police worked a total of 90 cases, including 12 in July, and is 11 more cases than 2010.

Police worked 204 accidents in 2011 and that number is down from 225 in 2010. September provided the biggest number of accidents in one month with 27.


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