Guthrie Police summary for July 25, 2011

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The following is the Inter-Watch Summary from the Guthrie Police Department for July 25, 2011.

Friday 7/22/11

Day Shift

1800 E College                                    Domestic                                  20110974        Sgt. Loya        

R/P stated that his girlfriend attacked, scratched and punched him. Warrant Applied for.

Evening Shift

No Activity

Midnight Shift

Grant/Division                                       Arrest                                       20110978        Off. Swartzbaugh

Allen, Candace Michelle w/f dob 10/06/1969 was arrested on State Charges of Driving Under the Influence.

Grant/Division                                       Arrest                                       20110978/979 Off. Carpenter

Allen, Brenton Lee w/m dob 7/31/1982 of Guthrie was arrested on State Charge of Public Intoxication. A warrant was also applied for 2 counts of Aggravated Assault and Battery for Earlier event.

Sunday 7/24/2011

Day Shift

2100 S Division                        Warrant Arrest                                     20110983        Sgt. Loya

Officers made contact with Romine, Brooke w/f dob 6/9/1982 of Guthrie. Romine was arrested for 3 outstanding City Warrants. She was transported to Guthrie City Jail.

Evening Shift – No Activity

Midnight Shift

324 E Warner                          Arrest                                                   20110984        Off. Carpenter

Schulz, Vincent w/m 10/28/1990 of Guthrie was arrested for several Logan Count Warrants, Possession of Methamphine, Possession of drug paraphernalia.

Pearce, Krystal w/f 3/27/1988 of Guthrie was arrested for harboring a fugitive. Lazarcyk, Amber w/f 7/10/1982 of Guthrie was arrested for possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Harboring a fugitive.

Logan/Elm                                Arrest                                                   20110985        Off. Lamb

Knox, Roger w/m 7/13/1989 of Guthrie was arrested for Public Intoxication.


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