Guthrie Police take part in realistic training simulation

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The Guthrie Police Department took part in a unique training simulation this week by a simulator-style system which allows them to experience situations as close to real life as possible.

Officers got multiple highly realistic scenarios from retired Edmond Police Officer Joe Evans with Advanced Interactive Systems. They’re randomly selected from the 300 training possibilities. They included traffic stop, hostage, and domestic violence situations.

Each officer, along with some reserve officers, each took an hour on the mobile simulation device over a three-day period of time.

“Sometimes the solution to the problem is to talk, sometimes it is to draw your baton, sometimes it is to draw your pistol and sometimes the solution to the problem is to shoot,” Evans said.

“When it’s over we evaluate their performance and talk about it. We critique it and debrief them. Luckily, our officers do not get in four or five shootings a shift so we bring them in here to this stimulation to give them all these emergencies and let them experience the possible solutions. So when they go out on the road ideally, under real stress, they are going to make good decisions and solve the problems.

Evans travels the world with his mobile simulation device and was quick to give the Guthrie department and other departments in this area high praise.

“Officers in this part of the country are confident and competent so what that displays is our officers don’t shoot until all the other options have been exhausted and when they do shoot they hit their intended target,” Evans said. “In other parts of the country an officer might shoot 15 shots and may only hit them (target) once and here it may be one, two or three.”

The training helped them practice shooting, communicating, and making split-second decisions involving the use of force.

Watch this video on how the process appears.


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