“Iffy” comes back home and shares his message

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Mitchell “Iffy” Pierce Jr. left his mark in Guthrie football history during the 1980’s, but this past week the All-American left his impression inside a Guthrie church.

Mitchell "Iffy" Pierce shares his message through music at Guthrie's First Assembly Church. Photo By Chris Evans

Iffy came back to his home town and held musical workshops all week before putting on a show in front of a full sanctuary at First Assembly Church Saturday evening. Iffy was joined by members of his Lawton church and family members with praise and worship songs.

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Along with music, Iffy shared his testimony during Wednesday’s worship service as he went from the football field glory to behind prison bars.

Iffy earned national attention when he was named All-American following the 1985 Guthrie High School football season despite his 5 foot 4 inch height. Scholarship offers came from Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Central State (now UCO) and Langston among others. He decided on Langston when the Lions offered him a bigger role on the field.

While at Langston, Iffy experimented with drugs for the first time and eventually found trouble with larceny and robbery, that sent him in and out prison from 1992 to 1999.

During his stay in prison, Iffy became friends with the chaplain and once being released met his wife, Angela, and became involved with church.

Now, Iffy is the music director at a church in his current hometown of Lawton, where his seven-year-old son plays the keyboard much like his daddy with energy and excitement.

After his testimony in the Guthrie church, 15 people came forward and gave their life to the Lord and became saved.

Iffy will always be a legend in Guthrie football history, but now he is a true hometown hero.


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  1. Jeff Chappell | March 12, 2012 at 11:15 pm | Reply

    The best High School running back I have ever seen or will ever see.

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