Johnson takes oath of office for MTC BOE

Randy Kellogg (right), of Guthrie, administers the oath of office to Gary Johnson, who was recently elected to the Meridian Technology Center Board of Education.

Johnson has served Meridian for several years as a member of the board. 

The Meridian district is divided into five geographic areas. Meridian’s board members live in and represent their district for a five-year term.

Members are tasked with ensuring Meridian continues to fulfill its mission to educate, enrich lives and secure economic futures.

Board Members

Mrs. Sherri Huneycutt | President | 4
Mrs. Lorrie Janzen | Vice President | 5
Dr. Joe Williams | Clerk | 1
Mr. Randy Kellogg | Deputy Clerk | 2
Mr. Gary Johnson | Member | 3


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