Little League football changing leagues this season

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The Central Oklahoma Football League is no more for the little leaguers’ of Guthrie, but with change comes more positives for the local gridiron teams.

Teams from Crescent, Cashion and Kingfisher, who helped form the COFL along with Langston, decided to play else where leaving the Guthrie teams without a place to play. However, that was sure lived.

Guthrie will now participate in the Deep Fork Valley football league and join the likes of Bethel, Blanchard, Chandler, Choctaw, Nicoma Park, Harrah, Jones, Luther, McLoud, Meeker, Newcastle, Noble, Perkins, Prague, Seminole and Tecumseh.

In addition to the new competition, the DFV fields a second grade team (Might Mights) to go with the third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade teams. Each grade will participate their fellow grade competition.

“We can now field a second grade team and first graders are allowed to play with them,” organizer Steve Hannah said. ‘They will have a few different rules than the other grades, but we are pleased that we can now field a second grade team.”

Hannah further commented that a lot of parents and coaches will be happy to be kids their own age.

“This will help that the kids to get to play with each other from the second grade all the way up to Junior High.”

Guthrie will play half their schedule at home and half on the road with all the home games being played at the High School practice field as years past.

Sign up dates and times

All four dates will be held at Taco Mayo on South Division in Guthrie.

Thursday – July 21 – 6 pm to 8 pm
Saturday – July 23 – 10 am to 2 pm
Tuesday – July 26 – 6 pm to 8 pm
Saturday – July 30 – 10 am to 2 pm


6 Comments on "Little League football changing leagues this season"

  1. Concerned parent | July 15, 2011 at 11:57 am | Reply

    Obviously it’s a moot point and I hate to be a complainer, but why not play with CLOSER cities like Edmond?? Even NW OKC is closer than some of those places. I have to admit, I’m not going to be very happy about having to travel so far for little league football.

  2. Three hints and each of them start with $$$!

  3. As a point of clarification. We had been approached over the last several years to join this league, but had hesitated to, out of loyalty to Cresent, Cashion and Kingfisher, who do not have enough boys to play on an grade level basis. We assumed that our confernece would remain the same this year, but at the last minute, I was contacted by the coach at cashion to advise that they elected to form thier own conference.

    Had I not solicitated that contact, we may even at this point not been aware that these teams had elected to leave us without any advance notice. In an attempt to make sure our players have the best possible opportunities, we have explored several options and feel that the Deep Fork Valley Conference the best.

    As for the travel issue, we will travel no more tahnwe did last year. Half of our games will be at home and half away. Last year we traveled 45 minutes to Kingfisher and down to Millwood, Cashion and Cresent. This year we will travel, but which teams will be in our division will not be determined until Wednesday evening.

    Finally COLLF is not defunct, rather our association is one of 16 associations that will be playing in this conference. If you have questions please call me @550-5338

    Steve Hanna

  4. Guthrie shouldn’t be playing with Crescent, Cashion, and Kingfisher anyways except maybe in scrimmages. We have too many kids and the talent level isn’t there in those towns to compete. When I played peewee football we didn’t have a “league” per se, we just travelled around and played alot of teams. Some bigger (i.e. Edmond, Stillwater), some smaller (i.e. Jones, Bethel). Sounds to me that this new league will bring a bigger variety of talent levels. And with the point being made about half at home and half away, the travel concern should be gone. I do remember driving 45 minutes to an hour to Bethel and their team quitting in the 4th quarter because they “had school the next day” LOL!!

  5. So when will we be getting a schedule of the games?

  6. those teams do have talent, as i recall those teams beat up on guthrie teams for the the past 2 years with crescent, langston, and kingfisher making it to the championship game. so dont make an excuse for talent level because those towns do have talent. And the new league has a bunch of talented kids.

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