Local wrecker companies receive national certification

Two local wrecker companies have recently received certification through T.I.M.S. National Traffic Incident Management Systems is offered by the Federal Highway Administration in response to a Congress directive to improve the efficiency and safety of the highway system.

Kenny Porter from Kenny’s Wrecker and Don Channel from D&S Automotive & Wrecker recently took a trip to attend the T.I.M. training and have since received their certification.

The two operators have 45 years of towing experience between the two of them, yet both agree there is always a procedure to make them better at what they do.

“Things can change out there in a split second and the more tools we have to respond to them just helps us that much more,” Porter said.

“People are so inattentive with their driving habits now that just where I park my truck when I get to the scene may decide if the response is successful, or I end up being one of those that needs help.”

Channel added that not only is the training for accident scenes it also involves methods of responding to a breakdown location and ways to keep our customers safe while we tend to their vehicle.

“Keeping our customers safe while we do our work is a big plus for both of us,” Channel added.

The training was designed for police, fire, towing, ems and all first responders. When everyone has had the training, it means everyone at the scene is speaking the same language and are working toward the goal of getting that road open as safe and as soon as possible.

The USDOT estimates that 4.2 billion hours are lost each year along with 2.8 billion gallons of gasoline while the public is sitting in traffic delays.

The T.I.M. program focuses on responding to accident and traffic situations that protects motorists and responders while minimizing impact on traffic flow. There are certain methods and equipment positioning that can be used to protect the responders while keeping traffic flowing.


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