Logan County filings for December 2, 2011

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The following actions were filed in the District Court of Logan County on December 2, 2011.

Civil relief more than $10,000 (CJ)

CJ-2011-323 First Fidelity Bank, N.A. v. James T. Corey The Spouse, if any, of James T. Corey Lorri M. Bates The Jeanne P. Paradise 1999 Revocable Trust
CJ-2011-324 The Bank of the West v. Alonzo L. Richmond Chandra D. Maddox Stone Creek Canyon Homeowner’s Association, Inc. Faust Corp.
CJ-2011-325 Donald E. Lombard, et ux., vs. Aduddell Enterprises, Inc., et al.

Civil relief less than $10,000 (CS)

CS-2011-394 American Express Centurion Bank v. Roberto Garcia

Civil Misc. (CV)

CV-2011-23 In The Matter of Jeremy Brandon Washington For Change of Name

Family and Domestic (FD)

FD-2011-227 Susan Postoak Vs Darrell Postoak

Marriage license (ML)

ML-2011-236 In Re the marriage of Cynthia Kay Kenyon and Michael Anthony Leehan

Protective Order (PO)

PO-2011-139 Cindy Shea vs. Michael Patrick Shea
PO-2011-140 Wilson, Michelle Rena’ v. Schumacher, Shadow Austin
PO-2011-141 Paula Renee Baer vs. Gerald William Taylor, II
PO-2011-142 Paula Renee Baer vs. Krystal Elaina Taylor
PO-2011-143 Susan Postoak Vs Darrell W. Postoak

Small Claims (SC)

SC-2011-563 CCM Management vs. Robert & Carla Ray Youngblood

Traffic (TR)

TR-2011-3270 State of Oklahoma v. Decker, Patrick Close
TR-2011-3271 State of Oklahoma v. Fuksa, Quinton James
TR-2011-3272 State of Oklahoma v. Fuksa, Quinton James
TR-2011-3273 State of Oklahoma v. Fuksa, Quinton James
TR-2011-3274 State of Oklahoma v. Pierson, John Robert
TR-2011-3275 State of Oklahoma v. Sloniker, Tyler Thomas
TR-2011-3276 State of Oklahoma v. Sanders, Jason Randall
TR-2011-3277 State of Oklahoma v. Mack, Terrell Dshawn
TR-2011-3278 State of Oklahoma v. Rideau, Corinne Nicole
TR-2011-3279 State of Oklahoma v. Ocampo, Vargas Victor
TR-2011-3280 State of Oklahoma v. Ocampo, Vargas Victor
TR-2011-3281 State of Oklahoma v. Voelzke, Dan Gary


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