OKDHS to replace food due to extended power outage

The Oklahoma Department of Human Services is replacing loss of food that was purchased using SNAP benefits due to a loss of power for an extended period due to the recent ice storm.

SNAP recipients whose households lost food as a result of the ice storm power outages may request a replacement of benefits equal to the value of the food loss, but not to exceed 60% of the monthly amount received for October 2020.

To request a replacement of SNAP benefits, complete the Request for Destroyed Food Replacement form within 10 calendar days of the loss, and return the form to your OKDHS caseworker.

The form may be found at http://www.okdhs.org/OKDHS%20Form%20Library/08FB012E.pdf.

For assistance with electronically returning the form or scheduling of an appointment if you are unable to access or submit the form electronically, please call your local OKDHS office.


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