Rep. Duel: Education Plan

The House knows a good education is the key to future success, so we’ve been focused on passing an education plan that benefits every student, every parent, every teacher and every school district in the state.

Last week, Gov. Stitt announced his education plan. After carefully reviewing every facet of the Governor’s proposal, the House Republican Caucus overwhelmingly approved it this week and signed the bills out of conference.

Now, the plan heads to the Senate. We are encouraging the Senate to pass these bills out of conference quickly so each body can vote on them, and we can dedicate more attention to other policy topics important to Oklahomans, such as tax relief and economic development.

The Governor’s proposed plan combines elements from both chambers’ education plans. It funds public schools across the state, gives every teacher a pay raise and provides parents with a tax credit to send their children to the school of their choice.

House Bill 2775 and Senate Bill 561 both raise teacher pay. HB2775 appropriates $300 million to the funding formula to be used for teacher pay increases. SB561 gives classroom teachers a pay raise based on years of experience. It goes as the following:

  1. 0-4 years: $2,000
  2. 5-9 years: $3,000
  3. 10-14 years: $4,000
  4. 15-25 years: $5,000

Under the proposed plan, all teachers will receive their full salary increase regardless if their current pay is above the salary schedule. It’s time we deliver on raising teacher pay.

House Bill 2775 would fund public schools across Oklahoma. It is available to every school district in the state, with a $2 million per district cap, to use toward qualifying expenses, including additional salary increases, support services and various programs.

Oklahomans across the state want improved education funding and outcomes for their kids, including additional parental choice options, which is what House Bill 1935 provides.

The Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit Act, HB1935, would provide $5,000 per student, prioritizing households earning under $250,000 annually, with a cap of $200 million total spend for Year One. The amount available would be increased to $6,000 per student with a cap of $200 million total spend for Year Two. Starting in Year Three, the amount available would increase to $6,500 per student, with no income cap and no cap on total spend.

HB1935 includes a $1,000 tax credit per student educated by other means. Under the measure, qualified expenses include tuition and fees to a private school or nonpublic online learning program, tutoring services, instructional materials, college admission tests, advanced placement exams and concurrent enrollment.

It is my hope that we can get these bills across the finish line and improve education for every Oklahoman student.

I am thankful and honored that the constituents of House District 31 have entrusted me with the responsibility of serving in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any concerns at 405-557-7350 or


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