Road maintenance efforts underway

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It was great to get a call recently from an appreciative resident who took the time to thank the District 1 road crew for patching potholes in their neighborhood.

In this triple digit heat, working all day with hot asphalt is a grueling job for our employees, but one which must continue.

In fact, this week, we ordered over $12,000 worth of asphalt in order to catch up on needed road repairs.

The May tornado interrupted regular road maintenance and just now time and money are merging to enable us to step up our efforts.

We faithfully post on the project list the various requests we receive through email or phone calls.

Sometimes these projects must be placed on hold until funding and weather allow us to work. At these times it is not a lack of desire but a lack of means which can delay rapid response. However, we are excited that we now have product on hand to meet some of these needs.

I thank you for your patience in the interim and hope that you will give our sweating road crew a thumbs up as you carefully maneuver around the areas where they are hard at work.

Mark Sharpton
District 1 Commissioner


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  1. Mr Sharpton – When are you going to look into the big trucks that are running on Broadway between Waterloo and HWY 33. Since you repaved the section for Simmons Road north to the railroad tracks and the 50 MPH speed limit the big trucks are using the road as their “super highway”. I travel that road almost daily and wiout fail there are several loaded tractor trailers moving north & south at high rates of speed. The relatively thin asphalt coat that was applied isn’t going to last very long. Isn’t the bridge over Cotton Wood Creek weight limited? When might portable scales be deployed to see how many trucks are running overweight.

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